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Every now and then we come across a claim about schools that doesn't add up. My School data helps us call it for what it is. See our latest and our categories below.

Christian Schools Australia claims the right to employ teachers who are committed to their schools' ethos. If religious schools can reject teachers who don't reflect the school's ethos, what does this say about the status of chaplains in secular state schools? Should they be getting a tad nervous?   
Alas there isn't a suitable F word to describe this.... maybe a mixture of faith and fudge?   

Edu-fact: confirmed by evidence
Edu-fiction: not supported by facts
Edu-fable: not quite the whole story 
Edu-falsehood: basically a lie
Edu-fabrication: a constructed lie       
Edu-fallacy:well-intentioned but wrong
Edu-feasible: could be something in it
Edu-foible: a rather silly statement
Edu-fantasy: a figment of imagination
Edu-fiddle: a half-truth 
Edu-faith: belief rather than evidence
Edu-furphy: a bit of a rumour
Edu-fluff: statement that adds little
Edu-fallshort: doesn't go far enough
Edu-fib: let's call it what it is!
Edu-futility: You must be kidding!
Edu-fishing trip: Looking for a bite
Edu-fraud: self-explanatory
Edu-fudge: an overstatement
Edu-flunk: a failure to substantiate
Edu-flip-flop:a tactical re-think
Edu-fury:expressing great displeasure

Please email Chris if you want to challenge any findings. One resource we use is School Daze, which also includes many of the graphs we'll show on this site. 

Edu-comment: The investigation by the ABC takes up where Bernie Shepherd and I left off. Our first report on this was over two years ago and since then given oxygen by the Centre for Policy Development. More mainstream media and researchers should be doing this work - but then again, they don't all have the talents of people like Inga Ting !
Edu-comment: The Anglican schools say the discrimination is needed so the schools can maintain their  ethos and values. I did asked whether this means that chaplains in secular schools should be given the axe. Another reality is that if we are going to battle discrimination we have a long fight ahead! 
Edu-comment: Two comments on the Ruddock review:
1. Current discrimination is now, after the plebiscite, way out of step with public opinion.
2. The freedom of private schools to discriminate is unconscionable, given their level of public funding.     But...this could be a debate we had to have...triggered by those who probably didn't want any debate at all. More in Pearls and Irritations. 
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Just out (July 2018):
Institutionalised Separation - the impact of selective schools. This is the second in our In a class of their own series with CPD. The first was A creeping Indigenous separation. 

Released June 2017

We'll include links from time to time. Do keep in touch with Save Our Schools. Trevor Cobbold's research is compelling and his site has excellent links to other sites.

Here are the widely reported stories about Australia's schools, from my previous work with Bernie Shepherd and now with Chris Ho and Garry Richards.

OUR LATEST is A creeping Indigenous separation  published February 2018

The Vanishing Private School, published end of January 2017 and reported in The Guardian. 

September 2016: Institutionalised Inequality Published in Inside Story

June 2016: Uneven playing field: the state of Australian schools released by the Centre for Policy Development.

March 2016:
School Daze - what My School really says about our schools.

February 2016:
...and half a story doesn't fit the facts. Our response to One school does not fit all, issued by the Centre for Independent Studies. 

July 16th 2015:
'Private school, public cost' - Findings from My School 2015. First report in the SMH

Equity in Australian schooling - an update. (October 2014) What Gonski found to be bad we have found to be worse. Reports about it here and here. Also in Inside Story. UPDATED My School 6 version now available: Gonski, My School and the Education Market.

The public and private of student achievement (December 2014) Schools with similar students get similar results. Reported in the Sun Herald.

School funding and achievement - following the money trail (February 2015) Similar schools get similar results, so what does it cost? Read the main media report and our oped in the Guardian Australia.

Is the idea of a school community - at least in a geographic sense - a myth? Just a quarter of our schools have an enrolment that reflects their locality.